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A Buppy Tale

Mama dog tells all the new arrivals about the day her first Buppies came home. She says her heart warms every time she sees a cute little Buppy face .It was a warm afternoon and she was relaxing while she watched her puppies play in the pasture. There were pitiful crying sounds coming from the old pine tree. Being a typical Mama , she had to find out who was so sad and how she could help. She told her puppies to stay put and set out to find them. Using her Mama's intuition, she quickly found them huddled under the tree. Her heart just about broke for them as they sat there so sad and lonely.Their Mama Bear left for food and never came back. When they were wandering around ...alone... and saw her playing with her puppies and started crying because they did not have a mama anymore. Realizing how much they needed her , she gathered them up and took them back to the family farm. They must of had an Angel looking out for them, she thought. Her puppies gave them a warm puppy welcome full of puppy hugs & puppy kisses. They all became fast friends. The puppies showed the bear cubs all the cute puppy expressions & "cute puppy looks " to tug at Mama dog's heart strings. She told them they acted so much like her puppies that they should be called "BUPPIES" and they have been Buppies every since then. The cute puppy looks always helped them to get things like the puppies did. Word soon spread how Mama dog would take care of orphans and soon new arrivals were showing up almost every day. Mama dog did her best to teach each one. They learned to be nice , to dress nice and always say their prayers. Mama dog said all things are possible with God and always keep faith and they could get through anything with his help. Mama dog wanted to keep her buppies with her forever but,when she taught them all she could ... she knew it was time to help them find their own homes and family where they could share the love they were so full of. With more orphans showing up ...she needed the room too. The day came for Mama dog to help them find families. Many people offered to let them stay with them and help them find a perfect home. These were the nicest people for helping our Buppies find you. Mama Dog gave each Buppy a heart necklace with her picture on it to always remember her, A Birth certificate( when they came to her) An Adoption Agreement (so they can properly belong to their new family) and told them to take their favorite things with them. When they were saying their last good byes... Mama dog wiped the tears from her eyes ,kissed their little noses and said "REMEMBER MY LITTLE BUPPIES, YOU MAY BE BEAR CUBS BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PUPPY HEART." Just as the Aunts were starting to leave with the buppies, Mama dog's head turned to the woods , she heard crying .Blowing kisses to all she headed towards the crying ...saying .. A Mama dog's work is never done. They all wondered who the new arrivals would be but also knew they were in good hands with Mama dog!!

The Beginning!!!
From Our Home to Yours... We hope you enjoy Our Buppies!!!
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